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Corgi Rules

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Corgi Rules

Post by Phantom on Fri Mar 27, 2015 6:00 pm

Hello everyone this is phantom and I would like to just run by some rules for our clan forum and xat chat site.


Forum Rules!
#1- Don't spam topics/reply
#2-Don't post Nudity topics or reply
#3-Don't advertise other clans,groups, or website
#4- Please make sure to post in the right Topics

Xat Rules!
#1- Don't advertise any clan,chat site, or group
#2- Don't cause drama or fight with another member
#3- Respect all mods and owner, which mean deliberately cursing at them can involve kick which leads to ban.

Here are what could happen if the rules are broken
#1FR- You'll be warn 1x to stop if to keep spamming you'll get ban
#2FR- The topic will be remove warn 2x, if you keep posting it you'll get ban
#3FR- You'll be auto ban from the forum
#4-Your topic will be redirected or closed.
#1XR- You'll be ban for 40 Hours 1x, Do it again forever ban
#2XR- You'll be ban for 1 hour or Kick
#3XR- You'll be ban for 24 hours
~Thank you for taking your time in reading this topic



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